Borehole Site: US-AZ7-22
Data Contact: R.F. Roy (US)

Date of measurement (year): 1964.7
Estimated prior steady state GST (°C): 21.50
Estimated mean conductivity (W m-1 K-1): 2.99
Estimated mean thermal gradient (K km-1): 26.83

Depth Below Surface (m)   Temperature (°C)

50.00 23.66 70.00 23.88 90.00 24.19 110.00 24.56 130.00 25.08 150.00 25.61 170.00 26.16 190.00 26.70 210.00 27.24

NOTE: The data listed above are the actual data we used in the reconstruction. The original observations may have begun at a shallower depth, or may have extended to a greater depth. Please contact the data contact person for more information about this borehole site.

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