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The project "Global Database of Borehole Temperatures and Climate Reconstructions" has as its goal the assembly, analysis, and interpretation of borehole temperatures relevant to understanding the nature and causes of recent climate change. It was inititated by the International Heat Flow Commission of IASPEI, and implemented by the Geothermal Laboratory of the University of Michigan with support from the US NSF. Contributors to this database include: A. Frasheri (Albania); J. Cull (Australia); V.M. Hamza (Brazil); V. Zui (Belarus); A.M. Jessop, J. Majorowicz, J-C Mareschal, K. Wang (Canada); M. Chen, S. Hu, S. Shen, L. Xiong, J.-A. Wang, J.-Y. Wang (China); V. Cermak, J. Safanda (Czech Republic); I. Kukkonen (Finland); C. Clauser (Germany); S. Roy (India); A. Brock (Ireland); M. Verdoya (Italy); M. Taniguchi (Japan); S.S. Marchenko (Kazakhstan); S. Veliciu (Romania); S. Berkovchenko, R. Dorofeeva, D.Y. Demezhko, A.D. Duchkov, I. Golovanova, I. Klimovsky, A.A. Vasiliev (Russia); M.Q.W. Jones (South Africa); R. Kutas (Ukraine); K.E. Rollin (United Kingdom); D.S. Chapman, E.R. Decker, W.D. Gosnold, R.N. Harris, A.A. Nyblade, H.N. Pollack (United States).

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URL: http://www.earth.lsa.umich.edu/climate
Maintained by Shaopeng Huang at the University of Michigan, USA
Last updated on 12/12/2016